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Scholarship Registration 

Firstly, the Math A+ Academy would like to thank parents, for taking the initiative and seeking our service to assist with your child`s math education. Secondly, the Academy would like to inform you about our New scholarship entitled “North Stars Full Math Scholarship”. Students who fit the criteria below will be eligible:

•    Live in a household generating a total of no more than $3,000.00 per month 
•    Be enrolled in a primary or secondary school
•    Live in the one of the following parishes.
          o    St. Lucy 
          o    St. Peter 
          o    St. Andrew 
          o    St. James 

NB: Upon submission of this application form, the following documents must me provided; proof of address for both parent and child (proof of child`s address can be a signed document from a justice of piece stating that said child lives at location stated below in the application form), proof of income, proof of primary or secondary school enrollment (this can be a report card). 

Parent / Guardian Information 

Student Information 

General Information 

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